Workshop and Concert with Maestros Imran Khan & Ustad Hanif Khan @ Kashi Yoga Sangam Bochum, Bochum [13. Mai]

Workshop and Concert with Maestros Imran Khan & Ustad Hanif Khan

17:00 - 22:00

Kashi Yoga Sangam Bochum
Gerberstr. 3-7, 44787 Bochum
It could be said that Imran has music in his blood. Literally.
Hailing from the Sikar Gharana, he is a ninth generation musician from a lineage of court musicians that have preserved Indian Classical music as a Family tradition.
Training from the age of 6 from his grandfather, the sarangi
player and vocalist late Ustad Gulab Khan, he continued his sitar training with his father, Ustad Niyaz Khan and his uncle Padma Bhushan Ustad Sultan Khan.
Years of training, performances and collaborations have led to a depth of sound in Imran’s sitar playing that, although loyal to the centuries-old tradition of Hindustani Classical music, he is able to compose a stunningly resonant contemporary style of sitar that compliments and enhances musical traditions from all parts of the world. Clarity of sound, deftness of stroke and pitch-perfect tonal qualities are the hallmark of his music.

Workshop with Imran Khan & Ustad Hanif Khan 5pm — 7pm. 35€
Indian classical scales and improvisation skills.
Bring your own instrument! This workshop is meant to be for all musicians with an interest in Indian classical music, not only for Sitar players and tabla players, so whatever you play, if you would like to learn more about Indian classical Music, different scales and improvisation techniques, sign up for this special workshop with these masters!

Concert with Imran Khan & Ustad Hanif Khan 8pm — 15€
Enjoy an evening of Indian enchantment!
Sitar Master Imran Khan will take us deeply into the emotions and beauty of indian classical music on his very characteristic instrument, the Sitar, together with his uncle, Ustad Hanif Khan with his very special, distinct and melodious playing tabla.

Workshop und Konzert zusammen 40€
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